Meaning: Pursuing a Life Worth Living

Ecclesiastes looks at our world more honestly than most of us do. It is unrelenting and often unnerving in its honest appraisal that life seems meaningless when considered from a perspective “under the sun” (i.e. without reference to God). It has no patience for easy piety or simplistic approaches to life. In this way Ecclesiastes is an appropriate book for our fragmented, jaded, skeptical postmodern age. It is a messy, complicated book that corresponds well to our messy, complicated time.

At the same time, interspersed within the weary outlook of the book are shafts of the light of wisdom. Much of wisdom is recognizing and seeing what does and does not truly matter, what is and is not worth pursuing in life. Written from the perspective of one who is toward the end of life and has experienced the futility and vanity of many pursuits, it is a book that offers wisdom for us as we seek to find a life that is truly worth living..

Wealth that Matters

April 17, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 5:10-20 |